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Chess Rush : Auto Battler Game ♚ ♛ ♝ ♞

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Chess Rush :- Talking about some general hero information, I’m going to start it off with some of the active tiers t1 heroes some of the ones that I consider quite strong early game ones that I’ll often pick up to start if I’m trying to win streak or get specific builds happening so all. Unfortunately, there’s no way in this particular screen to break down just the t1 units, but I believe it.

if we actually go into a custom classic game against a whole bunch of bots and we hit start there we won’t actually play any of the game, but this will give us a better way to view all of the heroes, and we can actually separate them by tier so what are you learning the game definitely feel free to jump in to just a bot match to get access to this particular hero view and I’ll show you how you access it.

it’s top-left button once we’re in there it is there you if we go out of there bring up that top left button and then you can see down the bottom left if I just click on white then we’re only seeing tier t1 heroes and go all the way up to legendary of course but in terms of the strong t1 heroes you’ve got your sight there are quite a few cyborg slash engineers that are available, and they are okay.

if you can get some early to star heroes happening, and that’s one of the primary things you’re trying to do with your heroes at the start of a game is you’re trying to actually get to star heroes out so if you see a screen of five heroes let’s have a look here we actually have to miss Super Sonic, so we’re gonna grab both of those because it means that if we actually reroll or the next round we get access to another five we’ve got a decent chance of getting miss supersonic to a two-star hero “chess rush.

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as we only need one more of her unfortunate there’s no one in that particular screen there let’s hit refresh there we go so we actually got a two-star hero I wouldn’t recommend refreshing this early in the game but that means we need to see three sets of hero screens here and we actually have ourselves a Tuesday hero which is really strong early on so if you see a set of two definitely grabbed them just in case you can always sell them again worst case that doesn’t end up handing out you can just sell them back but in terms of if we ignore some of that general guide always grab pairs.

chess rush 2


just in case you can level up to a two-star hero in terms of only general strong heroes to grab on the first and second round I quite like famine she’s an undead hunter, and she can very quickly ramp up and put out a lot of damage I also like that undead combo if you grab a couple of undead, so she’s quite useful as a Tier one she you might not use it for the entire game but early on she’ll be an excellent DPS unit as we close it out so I can go back in there another one that.

I really like if we look on the right is nightingale she’s an elf Punisher if you’re going for a Punisher slash demon build she is critical and her ultimate actually her ability here regular attacks inflict additional damage and reduced Tiger to mana so she can line up against an enemy unit that’s quite strong has a good alts you can actually sort of negate that a little bit with her ability “chess rush.

There so that’s quite good ice task on his own is quite a good tank he does decent damage as well early on so here’s another good one to pick up but you very quickly moved past him unless you’re specifically going for a beast warrior bill, but he’s excellent to pick up for the first couple of rounds and then Sal once you get into something better you help you get through those early NPC rounds against.

Then what’s the first ones the boars and then the gorillas hog rider is quite good because he not an incredible unit he does have a decent ability in that he, he will charge towards the nearest enemy and blow up and he will actually deal damage to that enemy and anyone that’s in a square immediately adjacent as well so he can actually finish off enemies for you which means you take less cost or there’s like if you’re losing or they are you win by more.

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So he’s decent in terms of the fact that he’s also a writer and a hunter well he’s got three combos there but writer and hunter are particularly strong and then witch doctor as a druid is quite strong as well also a beast another sort of tip with witch doctor because of the druid combo ability if you get two druids you only need two of them to level up to a Tuesday hero you actually buy two witch doctors for a crystal each use another druid to level him up and then sell him for three crystals, so there’s a little tiny little money-making engine tip there as well so in terms of t1 hero’s “chess rush.

chess rush 3


If you want to buy it early on they’re the ones that I’d be recommending and then a couple of tiered twos you want to look out as well any hero that actually has a spawn ability such as ever bloom ever bloom spawn or summons a pet flower which is quite strong another decent one is another one that’s marsh Lord also summons our rolling he could be quite good, and he’s also a warlock and a beast, so their unicorn Waverley is a great DPS unit and also a rider she is crucial to either owls or riders either of those comps so she’s really key to tier 2 unit you definitely want to pick her up.

So there are some of the important tiers 2 units looking at and then as you work towards the mid-game and the late game then you’re looking at your specific combos that you’re trying to work towards whether it’s riders or elves or beasts or demons with your punishes those sorts of things so there are some particularly strong ones that you want to be aiming for if you can obviously you have to sort of play it by ear a little bit as to what your opponents in the particular match are doing as well .

There are some other little neat tips so we can actually we exit out of this match we don’t need that still going with the druid combo it’s worth keeping in mind that not only do you only need to level 1 or 1 start druids to level up to 2 if you got 2 druids on the board if you got 4 druids on the board you can level up to 2 stars to a three-star which is really important because guru is actually a druid as well as a gel you can see there that guru is a druid “chess rush.

It means that you can actually use guru to level up druids you don’t need to existing let’s say you’ve got a witch doctor one single witch doctor on the board, and you’ve got another drew it on the board you can actually, and you pick up guru you can actually drag guru on to that witch doctor, and it’ll immediately level up to a level 2 you don’t need to witch doctors to do that we’ve guru the way that he works the Druids which is really really useful and the other thing.

chess rush 4


You can do specifically with druids is key the druid on your bench just in case you pick up a witch doctor or some other druids and then when you need that combo quickly chuck that unit out onto the board level up to a 2 star to a 3 star whatever it then grabs that unit back onto your bench and guru is that good one for that I’ll often I mean gurus a must-buy hero is the only who must buy hero there’s a couple but he’s a hundred percent you always buy guru there’s no situation really that you don’t buy guru, but he’s really useful in terms of getting maybe a couple of legendary zi let’s say “chess rush.

You picked up two legendaries, and you want to get them to that legend area to a to start guru who helps you do that without having to roll for that third legendary but he also as I said helps with those druid combos if that’s something you’re working towards well Segura is definitely a must by some of the other heroes that I want to just sort of overview and a lot of these actually if you haven’t checked out Devil’s heroes the game so these are high-end height units for general of war is one it’s a really really solid unit.

That does has a really nice ability that does area of effect damage another solid one is an elf this is one of my favorite units in the game to sword dancer her ability makes her so hard to kill in that she keeps generating a shield that makes her invincible for a short period of time which is fantastic then there’s a couple of undead’s basically if you ever see misfortune you want a hundred percent to grab her she’s incredible and another one that’s incredible “chess rush.

If I click off that and go over here to warlock also, and this is probably the best card in the game especially if you get to level two level three would be insane but level two’s kind of feasible if you get to level ten quick enough, and you’ve got a guru he is one of the best cards in the game void dude nebulous, so they’re some absolutely must buy cards definitely let me know in the comments down below if you think there are any that I’ve missed, but that is a general overview of heroes if you got any questions to leave them in the comments below definitely “chess rush.


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Chess Rush : Auto Battler Game ♚ ♛ ♝ ♞

Chess Rush : Auto Battler Game ♚ ♛ ♝ ♞ Review & Gameplay Chess Rush :- Talking about some general hero information, I'm going to start...
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