Download ๐ŸŽฎ Tencent Gaming Buddy ๐Ÿ’ป Gameloop emulator . it is an Android ๐Ÿ”ซ Emulator for run PUBG mobile ๐Ÿ† game in pc. Best Emulator ๐ŸŽฅ in the world.

Tencent Gaming Buddy & Gameloop :- Hello and welcome friends. I will discuss the minimum system requirements you need to run PUBG mobile on PC using the Tencent emulator. Such things like the minimum CPU you need GPU Ram hard disk space and even internet second I'll cover the best settings for low-end systems to get as smooth gameplay as you can, and then I 'll cover some common issues, for example, some people install the app, and the language is set to Chinese.

I'll tell you how to change it back to English, and I'll also talk about some other problems that people have and why they have those issues so yeah stay tuned so first thing we look at is the minimum system requirements and the CPU you need is a dual-core processor from either Intel or AMD running at 1.8 gigahertz on the GPU side you need at least an Nvidia 8600 GT or 9600 GT AMD HD 2600 or 3600 and Intel HD 3000 or 4000 so with these GPUs you'll get about 25 to 30 FPS on the low settings at 720p most likely for RAM.

you need at least 3 GB 4 would be better but minimum 3gb windows 7 is the minimum operating system you need for internet I would recommend having at least 2 to 3 Mbps download speed I would recommend using a wired connection a LAN cable if you install this over Wi-Fi with hotspot or if you are in India you are using jio or something.




you will have problems installing it because the connection isn't stable enough and the download size is 1.6 GB for the zero-point-seven update you need around 2.5 GB hard drive space for storage or download itself is only 1.6 so next we look at how to change the language back to English if your starts in the Chinese sometimes some people have mentioned that when they install it a by default.

its installs in the Chinese language so in order to fix this all you need to do is click on the three lines on the top right hand side select the third option and over here you'll see a drop-down menu this is the language setting English as you can see the second option here just click that Click on safe this is the Save button click OK and then shut down the Tencent Gaming Buddy app from your taskbar as well and just restarted.

it should work fine, so there we are so it's now in English so next we look at the settings best settings for low-end systems once again start up your Tencent gaming buddy click on the three lines go into settings select engine and in here preferred smart mode or anti-aliasing select close 'memory choose half of what you have so if you have 3 GB select 1.5 if you have 4 select 2 this is because you don't want all your system RAM to be used by that Tencent gaming buddy.

you need some for your system as well for other things select to course if you have a trooper system resolution select 720p if it still laggy select the lowest one 1024 by 576 dpi choose something in between this should not affect performance, but it will affect the sensitivity of Hamas higher value will make the mouse more sensitive so aiming will be a bit harder lower will be too slow so select something in between or whatever.

you're comfortable with so yeah so on oil systems smart mode close anti-aliasing half of ramp what you have on your order 2 cores 720p and dpi is up to you and in here in the game section select 720p as well and display quality as auto or you can select smooth so because higher HD one so will need more juice from your system basically so inside the game just select the gear icon on the bottom right or settings to go into graphics and select smooth.

Here the next one is for frame rates so the higher the value here for example extreme will target 60fps and so on so for select whatever the most top option you have available some people have told me they don't have the extra opportunity so extreme options only so select ultra or more senior whatever is the maximum you can see style is up to you what you like I personally prefer colourful because it things go better to disable anti-aliasing and disable auto adjust graphics anti-aliasing makes the big a bit more stable and still.

So you won't see too many jagged lines with auto-adjust what this does is if the PS fluctuates too much it locks it at 30 so you want that disabled as well so for yes for low-end systems this should work well and you should get as much as you can on based on your order so finally I just wanted to cover some common issues that people have a lot of people seem to have the 98% issue where it stops at 98% that I believe is down to your antivirus so try to disable that and restart it a lot of people have problems where the game downloads and then it starts downloading again.

That I believe is down to your internet connection not being stable enough so make sure you have a good relationship a wired connection at least have a 2 3 Mbps connection otherwise you will have those issues if you have less than 3 GB RAM, unfortunately, it's not going to work so you need to upgrade your system you need to have a different system that is the minimum so anything less than this will not work another good thing to do is if you are having issues installing it uninstall.

It from the control panel and then reinstall it but before you reinstall it make sure to delete the TX game download folder from the temp file and then restart your system and then reinstall it so hope fully that should work so yeah so a lot of these issues are fairly common and most of them are because your system isn't good enough your internet isn't good enough so network issues login issues I believe error code 31 is a network issue so some people have mentioned that it's Windows administrator thing so change your user and see if that helps so hope fully yeah these are some of the common issues I've also write article showing you step-by-step installation so you can have a look at that and hope fully all of this helps and it fixes your problems.

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